Don't Release Your Pets

For information about non-native reptiles and amphibians in Florida, check out Dr Steve Johnson's website

Don't release a pest program: This site has a public service announcement, and information about some books and curriculum information available through the University of Southern California's Sea Grant program.The information focuses on lionfish and caulerpa, two aquarium species that have caused problems when released into new areas.

Don't release your pet poster: This poster was created for a campaign in Florida where pet stores were asked to help educate customers about the alternatives to pet releases.

Habitattitude: This national program has some information about pet/aquarium releases. Note that some areas of the website are undeveloped.

Your Pet Doesn't Belong in the Wild: This powerpoint presentation (802 KB as a pdf file) was developed to teach people about some of the invasive animals in Florida that were introduced as deliberate or accidental pet releases. Note that there is an animation in the presentation--showing the spread of lionfish through the Atlantic Ocean. This animation can be found here