FYN Principle #9 - Protect the Waterfront

Waterfront property owners should realize the special contribution our bays and waterways make to their quality of life. They should also understand how fragile these natural treasures can be.

Tips on protecting the waterfront:

  • Remove invasive aquatic plants by cutting, pulling or raking. If using herbicides, remove dead plant material from the water to reduce pollution.
  • Decrease wave action and increase habitat by placing clean native lime stone rock in front of your seawall.
  • Protect you native shoreline plants. Never prune mangroves or remove other vegetation without first seeking proper guidelines and permits.
  • Establish a five to ten foot no fertilizer, no pesticide zone along your shoreline.
  • If possible, plant a border of low maintenance plants between your maintained lawn and shoreline/seawall to absorb nutrients and provide necessary wildlife habitat.
  • Where feasible, plant native aquatic vegetation in front of your seawall or along your shoreline.