FYN Principle #8 - Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Keeping rain and sprinkler water on our yards and out of the storm drains can help reduce pollution of Florida's bays, rivers and lakes.  It is important to reduce the amount of pollutants used on our yards because water washes off our yards and transports these pollutants into the nearest body of water. 

 While stormwater often travels through pipes under our roads just like sewage, it is not treated at a waste treatment plant. Instead stormwater flows directly into ponds, lakes, rivers and bays.

Let only rain down the drain!

Here are some tips for keeping water on your yard:

  • Where possible, direct down spouts and gutters to drain onto the lawn, plant beds or containment areas where rain will soak into the soil rather than run off the yard.
  • Collect and store rain runoff from your roof in a rain barrel or cistern.
  • Use mulch, bricks, flagstone, gravel, or other porous surfaces for walkways, patios and driveways.
  • Create swales (low areas) or terracing to catch, hold and filter stormwater.
  • Pick up after pets. This will help reduce bacterial and nutrient pollution entering storm drain systems.
  • Sweep grass clippings, fertilizer and soil from driveways and streets back onto the lawn. Remove trash from street gutters before it gets washed into stormdrains.
  • Clean up oil spills and leaks on the driveway. Instead of using soap and water, spread cat litter over oil, sweep it up and throw it away in the trash.