FYN Principle #7 - Control Yard Pests Responsibly

It is unrealistic, and even unwise, to strive for an insect-, disease- and weed-free yard. Many insects are beneficial, helping to keep pests under natural control. Many other insects simply coexist with humans causing us no harm. In fact, only about 1%of all insects are harmful.

Meet some of the Good Guys. Help protect the beneficial insects so they can naturally keep pests under control.

Lady Beetle Larva Seven Spotted Lady Beetle Assasin Bug
Lady Beetle (Larva) Sevenspotted Lady Beetle Assassin Bug
Green Lacewing Larva Green Lacewing Bigeyed Bug
Green Lacewing (Larva) Green Lacewing Big-eyed Bug
Earwig Syrphid Fly Syrphid Fly Larva
Earwig Syrphid Fly Syphid Fly (Larva)