FYN Principle #1 - Right Plant, Right Place

Good landscape design hinges on one basic concept the right plant in the right place. Careful planning and site evaluation are the first steps in applying this concept.

The Top Five Common Mistakes in Landscape Plantings:

  • Mistake #1: Over-planting
  • Mistake #2: Lawn areas are unorganized with trees and shrubs.
  • Mistake #3: Shrubs around the home are too tall.
  • Mistake #4: Plants are planted too close to the house.
  • Mistake #5: Bright colors are scattered throughout the yard.

Florida is a diverse state which includes different climatic zones. Soil types, temperature ranges and rain fall patterns are dramatically different from region to region. A plant that thrives in a friends yard on the coast may freeze in your yard just a few miles inland. Different conditions often exist in the same yard, creating micro climates. The front yard may be high and dry, while the back yard may be poorly drained and soggy.

Once you know your site conditions and have decided how you will use your yard, you are ready to begin with the steps of plant selection. Your county Extension office has resources to help you with your selections. Prioritize your landscape projects, and then work on them one at a time in order to make the best possible use of resources.