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Celebrate National Gardening Month

April is National Gardening Month so dig it. In recognition of the month why not do a special project like creating a themed garden, conducting a plant swap, garden with kids or donate excess gardening gear to a community or school gardening program.

Themed gardens can be for butterflies, cut flowers, herbs, fragrance or native plants. They can be conversation pieces at parties if placed near your deck or patio. You can breakdown a themed garden into a more specific area. Your butterfly garden can be to attract a specific species of butterfly so the adult and larval plants to attract it will be utilized. The herb garden can be for herbal teas as opposed to culinary herbs.

Involve youth to encourage development for a lifelong love of gardening. Make a teepee frame for pole beans or gourds that the kids can use for a play house. Have them start a perennial plant in a pot that they can enter into a local flower show. Plant a row of ‘cultural’ vegetables so they can learn what other societies eat. Help them build a bird house to specifications for their favorite bird. 

If you belong to a civic organization, church group or attend monthly homeowner meetings encourage a plant swap. Attendees can bring in a potted plant and then numbers can be drawn to allow an order to plant selection. If someone doesn’t know about a plant, this will encourage them to engage in conversation and make the meeting more social.

Consider donating unused gardening tools, hoses or carts to gardening programs. Many people downsize when they move and have too much stuff or purchase a yard cart that they find does favor their body type so these things come into disuse. Share with others and your donations will be appreciated while encouraging others to enjoy gardening. You can unexpectedly give a potted plant or some flowers to a friend or colleague to brighten their day and let them know it is National gardening Month. Happy Gardening to all!

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