Family and Consumer Sciences

Joanne Cooper, Family Consumer Sciences Agent

Kathy Ponce, Family Nutrition Program Assistant

Susan Layfield, Family Nutrition Program Assistant

The Family and Consumer Sciences Program of the Cooperative Extension Service integrates the research from health, psychology, sociology, food science and human nutrition. The program is focused on food nutrition and health, food safety, housing, family development and financial management. Programs are designed to help residents meet the challenges of their daily life in their community and environment.

The agent works with clients, advisory committees, businesses, educators and human resource agencies to address family and consumer science concerns in the county.

Among the organized groups who meet under the auspices of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Program are:

  • Home & Community Educators
  • FCS Advisory Committee members
  • Family Nutrition Program Educators
  • Master Food & Nutrition Volunteers
  • Florida Master Money Mentor Program

HCE Volunteers

St Augustine Home & Community Education Club (HCE) members participate in many community events in giving 1,000s of volunteer hours to the community, and donated to 4-H.   Community hours included work at churches, schools, nursing homes, COA, gleaning for food pantries and shelters, meals-on-wheels, veterans’ projects, and in our neighborhoods.

Club members participated as judges in fairs in neighboring counties, assisted with Leadership Camp and planning, attended the open house at the new State Veterans Nursing Home and participated with volunteering at the Home and Garden Show, Farm City, Datil Pepper Festival and the FAHCE State Convention. 

St Augustine Home & Community Education Club members invite you to come to a meeting at the Agricultural Center Windstorm Building, second Thursday of each month at 10:00, and participate in our volunteer activities and fun. For further information, please contact Grace Keenan at (904) 471-4759 or Joanne Cooper at (904) 209-0430 ext. 4787.

More Information

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  • Family Nutrition Program
  • Financial Management Programs

    What is the Florida Master Money Mentor Program?

    The Florida Master Money Mentor (FMMM) program is a coordinated referral network of volunteer mentors who provide basic personal finance coaching. University of Florida IFAS Extension serves to provide the infrastructure for this program throughout the state of Florida, thanks to a gift from Bank of America.  Please call Joanne Cooper for further information.

  • Financial Management