The Agricultural Center is an information and teaching center. Our goals are:

  • To provide the farmer and residents of St Johns County with current research information and the best management practices for raising crops and livestock.
  • To assist the University of Florida and its research centers in determining needs of the farm community.
  • To cooperate with all farmers and residents of St Johns County to preserve the beauty and the quality of our natural resources.

Agriculture in St. Johns County

St. Johns County leads the State of Florida in the production acreage of potatoes and cabbage.  An estimated 24,960 acres in the County are devoted to potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, turfgrass, livestock, nursery stock, timber, and various small truck crops.

The economic impact of Agriculture and Natural Resource industries is over $171 million.  These industries provide 2,638 jobs.  Specific impacts include:

  • Vegetables                                           $45,000,000
  • Environmental Horticulture              $48,000,000
  • Labor Income                                      $77,000,000
  • Indirect Business Taxes                   $13,300,000
Economic Impact


Smart Spud Project Ongoing in TCAA

Sales Tax Exemption for Electricity for Agriculture!

Electricity used directly and exclusively for the production or processing of agricultural farm products on a farm is now exempt from the state sales tax. 

This exemption only applies if the electricity is separately metered from the electricity used for non-production or non-processing purposes.  If the electricity is centrally metered and the electricity is used for both tax-exempt and taxable purposes, the purchase of the electricity is subject to tax.  To qualify for the exemption, the purchasing farmer must furnish the utility provider with an exemption certificate stating that the electricity will be used directly and exclusively for the production or processing of agricultural farm products on a farm. 


For forms and other information 
please contact St. Johns County Extension Service at (904) 209-0430