What's a watershed?

No, it is not the outdoor building where you keep your hurricane supply of water!  A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular water body (lake, stream, river, ocean, aquifer).  All land is part of some watershed.

Why are watersheds important?

Because water drains from a watershed into a water body, anything that is on the ground in that watershed can affect or end up in the water body.  People who are miles away from the water body can nonetheless impact it by their actions. 

Water and Watersheds (slide show)

To view the slide presentation, click on the heading above.  To save the presentation (PowerPoint 2003) to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the heading and choose "save target as."

Additional Resources

http://extension.ifas.ufl.edu/environment/water_resources.html --this site contains links to University of Florida publications and links to other watershed-related sites.