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Important Links

Outreach Materials

Microplastic Images

Presentations and videos

These presentations and videos provide good background information about microplastics in the marine environment. To download a presentation, right click on the link and "save as...

EPA has a series of webinars about microplastics (2017) under its Trash Free Waters program. You can find links to the webinars here

View a promotional video (81 seconds) about the Florida Microplastic Awareness Project.

PowerPoint presentation (49 MB). Microplastics: the sources might surprise you. Originally given by Maia McGuire at the Florida and National Marine Science Educators' Association meetings in 2015, this presentation is updated every few months (or as new research results emerge). The presentation was last updated on August 30, 2017. Be sure to read through the notes section for each slide--there are several links and citations contained there.

What's the Big Deal With Microplastics? This 45-minute YouTube video is the recording of a webinar given on September 16, 2016 by Lara Milligan and Dr. Maia McGuire from the Florida Microplastic Awareness Project.

This microplastics video on Vimeo (4 min, 41 seconds) was created by Shelby Gillis, a journalism student at Flagler College in St Augustine, FL. It gives a really good overview of the microplastics problem.

The webinar titled Microplastics in Great Lakes Tributaries contains some great information. (YouTube video; 30 minutes; uploaded July 2015)

The Nurdles' Quest for Ocean Domination. The link to this 5-minute YouTube video is also included in the PowerPoint presentation above. This Ted-Ed video is suitable for a wide range of audiences.

Synthetic Sea is a 2010 update of the Algalita Research Foundation's pivotal 2003 video that brought attention to the Pacific garbage patch. It is best for adult audiences (YouTube, 10 minutes)

YouTube Video of zooplankton feeding on fluorescent polystyrene beads (50 seconds; June 2015.)

NOAA's Marine Debris Program website has several downloadable documents containing information about microplastics.

South Carolina Sea Grant's Summer 2014 issue of Coastal Heritage magazine is devoted to the topic of microplastics.

New York Sea Grant's fact sheet on Microbeads in the Great Lakes contains good information based on research projects in that region.

This site has information about sampling methods for microplastics in beach sand and water.

Check the Household Products Database to find out which personal care products contain polyethylene.

Outreach materials

Microplastics fact sheet (pdf)

5 things you may not know about plastic recycling. 2-page fact sheet developed by 2017 UF/IFAS Extension Intern, Aaron Melfi.

2016 Microplastic Awareness Month memes, infographics, etc.

What's in YOUR deodorant? This activity can be used with youth and adults to show the variety of personal care products that can contain microplastics, awell as the need to read ingredient labels on these products

Tri-fold Florida Microplastic Awareness Project brochure

Tabletop display panels (3; each panel is 16" x 28") pdf file (707 KB)

"Are You Plastic Aware?" Poster (24" x 48") pdf file (3 MB)

Microplastics in Estuaries Poster (24" x 48") pdf file (4 MB) by Dawn Witherington

Printable Florida Microplastic Awareness Project pledge sheets (pdf)

Printable 1-page fliers (pdf format):

Don't Trash the Ocean

Don't Put Plastics Down the Drain (suggested for posting in bathroom facilities)

Don't Trash Our Lakes

8 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

The GTMNERR has created printable cards that can be used to ask restaurants to help reduce plastic pollution (and save money) by only serving straws on request (or providing paper straws). The back side of the card has more information and resources for the restaurant to use. Use this link, and select the "No More Plastic Straw" tab to get to the cards.

Microplastic Images

Images of plastics (and probably microcrystalline wax) extracted from personal care products. All images were taken through a microscope. The largest beads from the facial scrubs are approximately 1 mm in diameter. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

venting fish
Facial scrub (white pieces are probably microcrystalline wax.
snook release
Facial scrub (white pieces are probably microcrystalline wax
redfish release
Facial scrub (white pieces are probably microcrystalline wax
venting tools
Facial scrub (white pieces are probably microcrystalline wax
assortment of dehooking tools
Plastic from toothpaste
J hook vs circle hook
Plastic from toothpaste
offset circle hooks
Plastic from toothpaste
Facial scrub plastic next to dime 
Plastic from facial scrub (next to dime). Photo credit Dave Graff
Plastic from toothpaste with dime for size 
Plastic from toothpaste (next to dime). Photo credit: Dave Graff

Microplastics Found in Filtered Water Samples

The grid on the filter paper is approximately 3 mm x 3 mm.

blue plastic
Plastic fragment
blue fiber
Plastic fiber
purple plastic
Plastic fragment
Plastic film
Plastic fiber
light blue fiber
Plastic fiber
blue plastic
Plastic fragment
Plastic microbead
(photo credit Paige

Plankton Found in Filtered Water Samples (not to be confused with plastics!)

The grid on the filter paper is approximately 3 mm x 3 mm. Click on the image for a larger view.

Diatom-top view
Diatom (top view)
-often confused
with plastic, but
will crush if poked)
Diatom-side view
Diatom (side view)
Triangular diatom
Triangular diatom
Bivalve larva
Bivalve larva
Copepod (pink)
Copepod and snail larva
Copepod (pink) and snail larva (lower right)
Copepod with egg sacs
Copepod with egg
Polychaete larva
Polychaete worm
Zoea larva
Crab zoea larva
(lower left corner of
Ostracod (at left
side of square)
  Sand grains
Sand grains (may look like plastic, but will sink if placed in a drop of water). There is one small piece of white plastic in this image.


Plastics Found in Beach Sand Samples


"Nurdles" (pre-consumer plastics)

secondary microplastics 

Secondary microplastics

Personal Care Product Labels Showing Polyethylene

Body wash

Facial scrub
Facial scrub label 
Facial scrub label (photo credit Dave Graff)

Toothpaste labelToothpaste (photo credit Dave Graff)