Did you know?

  • Adult manatees can weigh up to 3000 pounds (typically they weigh around 1000 pounds).
  • Manatee teeth are continually replaced.
  • Manatees spend 6-8 hours a day feeding!
  • Manatees communicate using clicks and squeals.
  • Florida manatees can live in freshwater, brackish and saltwater environments. They prefer to swim in waters that are less than 20 feet deep.
  • It is illegal to pet, feed or give water to manatees, as this teaches manatees to approach docks and boats, where they are at risk of being hit by boats.
  • The largest single cause of manatee mortality is collisions with watercraft.
  • During winter months, you can view manatees via live webcams at Blue Spring State Park. Archived videos are also available.

Manatee Education Programs (K-5)

The Florida Sea Grant Extension Program has developed education programs for elementary school classes in St Johns and Flagler Counties.  These programs include pre- and post-visit activities as well as an in-class visit from our friendly manatee mascot and friends.


Teachers who are  interested in booking programs, or people interested in volunteering to teach the manatee program should contact Maia McGuire at 386-437-7464 or

To see the program outlines as well as supporting (pre- and post-) activities, click on the appropriate grade level(s) below. 

Kindergarten-1st grade (1.41 MB pdf)

2nd-3rd grade (1.10 MB pdf)

4th-5th grade (2.02 MB pdf)

Save the Manatee Club coloring/activity book (grades 2-3) (382 KB pdf)

Save the Manatee Club teacher's guide (1.84 MB pdf)

Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission coloring/activity book (grades 3-5) (1.76 MB pdf)

3rd Grade Manatee Curriculum

An 18-lesson manatee curriculum correlated to Florida's Sunshine State Standards (language arts, math, social studies and science) is now available. This curriculum was created by Maia McGuire and Ruth Francis-Floyd. View more information and download the curriculum here.  



Manatee underwater

Manatee Resources


Manatee with head above water