St. Johns County 4-H

4-H is a joint effort of local county governments, the University of Florida and the United States Department of Agriculture.  4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.  As one our nation's oldest, yet most current organizations, 4-H is reaching millions of young people with positive youth development opportunities.

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What is 4-H?

For Youth and Parents

For Volunteers

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The 4-H Pledge

I Pledge 
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty,
My Hands to larger service, My Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The 4-H Motto

"To Make the Best Better"

The 4-H Slogan

"Learn By Doing"

The 4-H Creed

  • I believe in 4-H Club work for the opportunity it gives me to become a useful citizen.
  • I believe in the training of my HEAD for the power it will give me to think, plan and reason.
  • I believe in the training of my HEART for the nobleness it will give me to be kind, sympathetic and true.
  • I believe in the training of my HANDS for the ability it will give me to be helpful, skillful and useful.
  • I believe in the training of my HEALTH for the strength it will give me to enjoy life, resist disease and work efficiently.
  • I believe in my country, my state, my community, and in my responsibility for their development.
  • In all these things I believe, and I am willing to dedicate my efforts to their fulfillment.  


4-H Emblem
4-H Program Staff

Geralyn Sachs -  4-H Agent

Julia Kelly - 4-H Agent

Kellie Anderson - 4-H Program Assistant

3125 Agricultural Center Dr.,   St. Augustine, FL 32092
Phone:  904-209-0430
Fax: 904-209-0431


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4-H is the youth development   program of the St. Johns County Cooperative Extension Service.